Goals for me,

I want to love you without clutching, 我希望能夠愛你,卻不會緊抓著你;

Appreciate you without judging, 欣賞你,不帶批判

Join you without invading, 參與你,而沒有任何侵犯;

Invite you without demanding, 邀請你,卻無絲毫勉強

Leave you without guilt, 離開你,心中不會有愧疚;

Criticize you without blaming, 指正你,而不含責備

and help you without insulting. 還有能,幫助你,卻不帶冒犯

If I can have the same from you, 如果,你也能如此待我

then we can truly meet 那麼,我們便能真實相待,

and enrich each other. 並豐潤彼此的生命。

From 家族治療大師 薩提爾 (Virginia Satir)


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